Monday, October 1, 2012

Secret Pumpkin Blog Hop

Hello and welcome!
Today I am showing off what I received from my secret pumpkin buddy.

Aeryn was my secret pumpkin.
I want to tell you, Aeryn, Thank you very much!!!
If you happened here and did not start at Simply Betty's Blog. Then go there first and hop through everyones Secret Pumpkin Blogs.  I have the whole list below.

1. Betty Roberts
2. ( Elizabeth) on SBS blog
3. Dawn 4. ( Lynn ) on Dawn's blog
5. Rio
6. Corinne
7. Irene
8. Leslie
9. Kathy
10. Aeryn
11. Robin
12. Ashley
13. Sharman
14. Louise
15. Trish
16. Jenn
17. Christina
18. Kelly
19. Beth
20. Jenna
21. Lisa
22. Trudie
23. Veronica
24. Olivia
25. Celina
26. Anda
27. Erin
28. Regan

Hope you have enjoyed seeing everyone's "stash" and hope you will join in all the fun with us next time.



  1. what a wonderful pail, Love the card and ribbon too! Hugs

  2. Great pail, love the card and everything else

  3. Awesome stuff, can't wait to see what you create with it all.

  4. I love the container and the card. What a great stash!

  5. Terrific treats! That pail is so much fun! Fab card too!