Saturday, December 29, 2012

Corinne's Birthday Blog Hop

Corinne's Birthday Blog Hop!


Happy, Happy Birthday, Corinna. 


Here is the card I made for Corinne from the new digi Betty made for her.  It is just an awesome digi!
For any of you who may not know, Corinne is my twin sister to whom is very precious and special to me.  We are very close and I couldn't have been blessed any better than being blessed with a TWIN SISTER!
I love you Corinne!
The coloring was done with Prisma Colored Pencils.
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Close up
You mean the world to me, Corinna!


  1. OMG, Irena this is just so beautiful and you know I feel the EXACT same way about you!!! I love you so very much and if I got to CHOOSE a twin it would still be YOU!!!!
    Love ya

  2. This card is great! Just like you two!

  3. I love this card!!.....but I especially love the sentiment to your sister above the very sweet.

  4. What a beautiful card Irene! Awww you made me miss my sister! Not that she's my twin, thank god can you imagine two Bettys? lol