Thursday, May 15, 2014

Skin Coloring Tutorial with Spectrum Noir Markers

Hello.  I have been asked to do a Skin Coloring Tutorial using Spectrum Noir Markers and
so that is what I am doing for you today.
I am using an image from SBS called Ice Queen.
This is the finished product, so let's get going on her skin.
First here, I start with TN4.  I outline the neck/chest area.
Do NOT do too big of an area or the ink dries too quickly and doesn't
blend as nicely.

Next I used TN3 and go right next to the TN4.
Let the TN3 slightly go into the TN4.  This will help with the blending.

Now I use GB2 and come in closer with it.  I leave a little white area
but mostly cover it with the GB2.  Then I take TN1 and go over the center area
where I want it a little lighter.

Now I want to darken it all up a bit so I am going to start over again.
Using the TN4, I trace the outside edges.

Next we are back to TN3 right next to the TN4.

Here I use the GB2 to blend it all together.

Next we are moving up to the face and it is simply the same steps again.
I am starting with the TN4 and outlining her face.
Now I use the TN3 and go next to the TN4.  Let it slightly overlap onto the
TN4 but not too much.
Here I went back with the TN4 and got under her eyes a little and
to the side of her nose.

Use your TN3 and get next to the TN4 around the nose
and under her eyes.

Next go to your GB2 and start blending it out. 
You don't want to blend too much out.
You want it to stay a little darker on the outside edges.

Now we are back to the TN1.  Remember,
the TN1 can take some of the color "out" so don't get too heavy with it.
If you do, you can always add GB2 back in to it.

I normally do go back and add a little more GB2
just to make sure my colors are blended well.

Next, I use CR3 for my cheeks.

Next I get my TN1 and barely dip into the CR3 area and
blend it out into the face.

Now we need some good looking lips.
I used PL3 on the very bottom of each lip.
Then came up a little with PL2.
I left just a tiny touch of white in the middle.
You don't have to but I like the look it gives.
I had already done the arms before I started this but it is the same thing.
TN3 on the arms right next to the dress, then come in with your TN3.
I used GB2 to blend it on out.  I did not use any TN1 on the arms
because they will be more shaded from her hair.
Here is my completed picture.
Her hair is done with IB3, IB2, IB1.
Her dress is just IB1 and then I added frontage to it.

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow! Fabulous tutorial! Will give try to incorporate some of your techniques/coloring into my own. Love the finished project.

  2. Remarkable coloring! Fantastic embellishing! Thanks for all the step by step tips. They will come in handy for a newbie like myself!

  3. Beautiful as always... Irene Thank you.

  4. Excellent tutorial and I love that hair ....xx