Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Art By Mi Ran - Elfie Elizabeth

Helllllo to you all.
Hope this finds you doing well.
Me, I have the fall weather yuckies right now...
But, I have been busy none the less..
Today I am showing you Elfie Elizabeth.
Seems like every time I think that Art By Mi Ran can't come up
with any better.... then she does!
Wow, isn't this image just awesome....

Now, the actual image is just ONE girl.
I pulled up Microsoft Word on my computer and doubled her and then flipped
one of them around.
Now, if you don't know how to do that, I will try to explain step by step.
First, of course, open up Microsoft Word.
Across the top you will find the word "Insert". 
You want to chose that and then right below it, it will say picture.  Click
picture.  Next you will have to find on your computer where you saved your image after
you purchased it.
You will need to use the .png file to do this.
Next, size it to what you need and then copy and paste another
of the exact same image onto your page.
Next you want to click on one of the images then right click on it now go down to "wrap text"
and then across and down to "square".
Do the same thing to the other picture.
Now both pictures can be moved around and put really close together.
Now then, you want to right click on one of the pictures again and go to a little picture that looks
like a triangle standing and one laying down and a tiny arrow showing it moves...
Click on it and then go to click Horizontal.
That should flip your picture around and now you can normally
click on them and move them however you want them.
It is that easy.
Thanks for joining me for this little tutorial and hope to see
you back again real soon.


  1. This is super fab!! Love the idea and the colors!!!

  2. I love everything about this ! Elfie, color, decos, wow ! ;)